Supporting Your Library

There are many ways you can support your library. You can volunteer your time, donate materials or money, or join the Friends of the Library.


In accordance with the Home Rule Charter of the City of Lamar, Colorado, Article IX, Section 9.3: The library board shall have the additional power to administer gifts and trusts. The library board is authorized, subject to Council approval, to cooperate with any public or private agency in obtaining space, facilities, books or materials for library purposes.

By Library Board Policy: Gifts of materials and monies may be accepted or declined by the Board, or irs designee, the Library Director. Materials are placed in the collection in accordance with the selection principles stated in the Collection Development Policy. Items not added to the library collection may be placed in the Friends of the Lamar Public Library’s used book sale, or disposed of as the Director sees fit. Click here for complete Collection Development Policy.

Friends of the Library

To learn more about Friends of the Library activities, contact the library at (719) 336-4632, visit our WEBSITE or click HERE to subscribe to our email list.