Access Your Library Account at Home

Find out how to check your account, renew your items, and place a reserve from any computer, anywhere, at anytime!

Your Library Account at Home

You can check your library account from home on your computer! All you need is your library card number and your password. Please call the library if you have any problems logging on to your account.

Your Patron ID and Password

Your Patron ID is your Library card number. It is located on the back side of your card below the barcode. Enter it exactly as it is written. (ex: P 11111) Don’t forget to put a space after the P

Your Password for the first time is USERPASS; then you will be asked to create your own password.   Please be aware that library staff does not have access to your password; if you forget it we will reset it to the default USERPASS.

In addition to reserving and renewing items, you may also check your fines and a list of materials you have checked out. Remember fines on items that are currently checked out on your account will not be assessed until the item is returned or renewed. You may also access your checkout history, it only records what you have checked out since the library migrated to the new ILS in April of 2013.

Parents, you may now link your children’s accounts to your account. To do this you must stop by the library and ask to have your children’s accounts added to your household account.

Want to check your library account when you are away from home. There is an app for this which currently will allow you to download your library account to your android phone. The iphone app is coming soon.

 How to Renew Items

  • Go to and click on Library Catalog
  • Enter your library card number (with a space after the P)  and your password in the bar on the left.
  • Click the My Account tab and then Items Out. A list of all items that you have checked out will be shown.
  • There is a box on the right that says renew eligible items; click on this tab.
  • Your account will be updated and show the new due date.
  • Click log out to end your session.

How to Reserve Items

  • Go to and click on Library Catalog.
  • Enter your library card number (with a space after the P) and your password in the bar on the left.
  • Enter a title or hit advanced search for a more detailed search. The title will show up and then click on the available tab. In the bottom left-hand corner a tab should say Reserve this title, click on it.
  • Your item is reserved and library staff will call as soon as the item is pulled or available if checked out.
  • Click log out to end your session.

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