Lamar Public Library Borrowing/Card Policy

Eligibility for Service

To check out items from the library, patrons must have either a card from the Lamar Public Library or a Colorado Library Card.

Residents of Prowers County may get a Lamar Public Library card by completing an application form, and must be able to provide proof of name and local area address.

As part of the Colorado Library Card program, people who have library cards from other libraries are eligible to receive a Colorado Library Card account from the Lamar Public Library, but they must still be registered onto our system with the same information as local library patrons, including name and contact information. The patron must present their home library card along with one other form of identification, at which point they will be issued an LPL card and will be able to check out items immediately.


Acceptable Forms of Identification and proof of address include:

  • Colorado driver’s license with local address
  • State ID card with local address
  • Piece of mail with name and local address

Patrons under the age of 12 must have an application signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Cardholder Privileges

The Library has many types of accounts with different privileges. The accounts include adult cards, youth cards, Colorado Library Cards, Book Group cards, etc. The types, limits and privileges are set by the Library Director and may change from time to time. Limits may include number of items that can be checked out, length of time items may be checked out, and fine and lost book charges and accruals.

Cardholder Responsibilities

Under state law (CRS 24-90-117) the patron is responsible for:

  • Returning borrowed materials on time or paying a fine
  • Reimbursing the Library for lost or damaged materials

The patron is financially responsible for items checked out on his/her card. If the card is lost or stolen, or if the patron moves, he/she must notify the Library immediately. If the patron is under the age of 18 years old, a parent and/or guardian is financially responsible for lost or damaged materials.

A patron in good standing is defined as one who has no outstanding overdue items, fines, or fees payable, and who has a record of returning items on time and/or paying fines due when items are late. To check out online items, patrons must have a library account in good standing. Library cards are also required to access online databases and resources.

Borrowing Fees and Overdue Fines

Agreement to Accept Charges from Lending Libraries: Library patrons are responsible for any charges applied by the lending library including photocopy charges, or fees for damaged or lost materials. Library staff will make every effort to notify the library patron as to any fees that will be assessed by the lending library. If lending charges are not paid at the time the materials are picked up, they will be attached to the patron’s circulation record and handled in the same manner as fines and other charges.

Overdue Fines and Charges for Damaged or Lost Materials: The Library patron is also responsible for any charges assessed by the lending library for damage to an ILL material, not reported or recorded at checkout. If an ILL material is lost, the library patron will be responsible for the cost of the material, plus a non-refundable processing fee of up to $10.00.

Maximum Number of Materials

In order to provide increased accessibility of limited resources to more library patrons, the Library Director may limit the maximum number of items that may be checked out to one patron.

Limitations may be applied to high-demand items (i.e. – new titles, best sellers, seasonal/holiday titles, science fair or research topics, etc.)

(Rev. 1996)

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