2022 Writing Contest Rules

  1. Contestants may enter one original work in each category unless older than age specified. If no age is given, any age may enter in the category.
    • Short Story (fiction) by a Child (ages 5-10)
    • Short Story (fiction) by a Youth (ages 10-18)
    • Short Story (fiction) by an Adult (ages 18 and up)
    • Poetry
    • Essay (non-fiction on any topic except current politics)
    • Story Tweet*
  2. All judges and Lamar Public Library employees are ineligible.
  3. Work published previously in any copyrighted newspaper, magazine, book or other medium is ineligible. Writing that appeared in school publications may be entered.
  4. All entries must be made by email. The following information must be written in the email: Name of Author, Phone Number, Birth Date (if entering as a Youth), Entry Category (or we will select best fit), and Title of Entry. Don’t write it on the work — judging will be blind.
  5. Each entry should be sent in a separate email.
  6. Entries without a date of birth will be automatically judged as adult work.
  7. Entries should be emailed to sue.lathrop@ci.lamar.co.us no later than midnight on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.
  8. The contest has begun, so please submit entries at any time.
  9. No submissions will be returned.
  10. Winners will be informed via phone or email by July 15, 2022.
  11. All contestants agree to their entry possibly being posted on the library’s website.
  12. The decisions of the judges are final. Submission indicates acceptance of all contest rules.

*Story Tweet: A complete story (fiction or nonfiction) on any topic in 280 characters or less! Example:

My eyes opened. I could see the covers over my head, but I knew I was not alone. I could hear the raspy sound of breathing. I cautiously put my hand out and it bumped something hairy! “Ouch!” it yelled. I looked out and, sure enough, my brother was in my room again. (267 CHARACTERS)


I cooked dinner, then ran AJ to the park so he could shoot hoops. The dogs escaped from the car. Meanwhile Katie needed her diabetes kit, so I ran it to her. We found the dogs, and AJ LOUDLY practiced his trumpet for an hour next to me on the couch. Who am I? (259 CHARACTERS)

To count your characters easily in Word, go to the Review Tab and click on Word Count.

• $100 in the Adult Category
• $75 in the Youth Category
• $25 in the Child Category
• $100 in the Essay Category
• $75 in the Poetry Category
• $25 in the Story Tweet

Judges reserve the right to give additional “Honorable Mention” prizes. Judges reserve the right to define “current politics” in essay category. A category may be canceled if there are fewer than three entries.

Art Credit, Banner Photo. Words were added to overlay the photo. Photo ©Marina Del Castell

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