Summer Reading Program

Lamar Public Library Staff and Volunteers are excited about the programs and activities we have planned and hope you and your young readers will enjoy…“A Universe of Stories!”

Space. The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the Lamar Public Library as we bring the hidden stories of the universe to town.

Through books, games, musical experiences, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activities, participants will interact with space in a wide variety of ways.

Learn about our solar system, examine real life moon rocks, discover the universe beyond the planet Earth. Put on your space suit, climb into our rocketship, and blast off into a summer that is out of this world and discover a Universe of Stories!


Registration begins on Monday, May 13th!

We have something for everyone! Infant – Adult!

Upon registration you will receive a calendar of all scheduled events, here is a sneak peek:



*10:30am-12pm : The 6th – 8th graders will meet

*1:30pm-2:30pm : Special Guest Performances / Everyone is Welcome

*3pm-4pm : 3rd-5th graders will meet



*2pm : Movie Musicals – Everyone is Welcome (see calendar for movie titles)



*10:30am-12pm : The 6th – 8th graders will meet

*1:30pm-2:30pm : K-2nd grade will meet

*3pm-4pm : 3rd-5th graders will meet



*10am : Infant – Preschoolers will meet

*2pm : Special Programs / Everyone Welcome (see calendar)

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