Brain Boxes!!

We have Fabric Books,  We have Sensory Kits, and Now We Have….. BRAIN BOXES!?!?

The New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development created BRAIN BOXES for caregivers to use with children from birth to 5 ½ years old. Each box contains an activity card and all the materials needed for the activities described to encourage healthy brain development at the age level designated.

Brain Boxes incorporate the S.T.E.P.S. to Early Brain Development Training Modules developed by New Directions Institute. S.T.E.P.S. activities address the following areas of brain development: Security, Touch, Eyes, Play, and Sound. Activities are categorized according to age and stage. All Brain Box activities encourage positive one-to-one interactions between the parent or caregiver and child, increasing quality time for bonding and learning.

All activities also incorporate the ABC’s of Early Learning: Attention, Bonding and Communication.

Thanks to the Growing Readers Grant the library is able to offer the Brain Boxes to the community.

Our Brain Boxes are located in the Children’s area of the library and are now available for check out….all you need is a Lamar Public Library Card!

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