Living History!!

Join us in the Cultural Events Center on February  17 at 2 p.m. for a Molly Brown presentation! Caryl Harvey is from Holyoke, Colorado. She is a living history interpreter who does a program as Margaret ( Molly) Brown and as her (fictional) maid Katy. The 50-minute presentation includes the maid character talking about the lives of Irish immigrants in NYC in the 1800s (and putting some humor into the program) and then Margaret talks about her experiences through 1914. This, of course, includes the Titanic sinking and the Ludlow Massacre.

In her own words:
“What exactly is living history? I am glad you asked. It is a way of learning about the past that is fun and engaging. It is NOT learning dates and facts and memorizing timelines. Schools today focus on the STEM subjects, and they are important. But history is the foundation that makes them relevant. It tells us upon whose shoulders we stand and how high we can reach. And living history does that by introducing us to the characters who impacted our lives years before we even existed. It does it with bit of drama and some laughs, all dressed in the costumes of yesterday. That’s why I love it”.

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