FPL Soup Lunch & Author Joy Brown!

On Tuesday, March 20th  at 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m., the Friends of the Library will be hosting a Soup Lunch.

The Lunch is free to the public while supplies last, and it is first come first served. Following the Soup Lunch will be Author and Guest Speaker Joy Brown!

Joy Johnson Brown, from Omaha Nebraska, will present a program about her books, jokes and characters. There are nine books in the series: The BOOB Girls: The Burned Out Old Broads at Table 12, BOOB Girls II: Lies, Spies and Cinnamon Rolls, BOOB Girls III: Sandhills and Shadows and BOOB Girls IV: Murder at Meadow Lakes. Book five is The Secret of the Red Cane, in honor of all women who grew up with Nancy Drew who is eighty years old now and a BOOB Girl herself.   BOOB Girls VI, is titled From the Eye of the Moose and is a take-off of the old Abbott and Costello scary movies.  Ten Little Puritans, BOOB Girls VII and BOOB GIRLS VIII: Learning to Love Willie are not the last. The BOOB Girls in Training BRAS (Broomsticks, Rats and Snakes) will be released next spring. All the books have laugh-out-loud components. “I have a soapbox in the books,” Johnson told us. “I think older women, the seasoned Nancy Drews in our lives, are beautiful and not just spiritually or emotionally but physically. Just look at us. Our faces are chiseled by tears and laughter. Our hair is blown thin and white by winds of experience and there is so much knowledge and wisdom in our heads they can’t hold it all so it trickles down through the rest of our bodies and that’s why we get thicker as we age.”

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