Color with Joe! A coloring club….for grown-ups!

Love adult coloring books? Enjoy them in the company of friends!!
Every Saturday at 10:00 am, beginning on May 6th, Lamar Public Library will be hosting “Color with Joe”: coloring for adults served with coffee!

In case you haven’t heard, coloring programs for grown-ups are taking off at libraries!
Coloring helps us de-stress because when we focus on a particular activity, we focus on it and not on our worries. Coloring generates wellness, quietness, and also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses, and creativity.

Coloring fans come by the hobby for varying reasons. While some may consider it a social activity, others see it as an easy way to escape the everyday grind — a way to practice mindfulness and enjoy being in the moment without all that “concentrate on your breathing” stuff.

Come and experience the latest trend in relaxation: adult coloring books.

Relax, reduce stress, and leave feeling restored!
Coloring books and supplies will be provided by the library, but participants are welcome to bring their own materials from home.

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