FRIDAYS at 10:00 am!

Intended for ages 3 through 6th grade!

Sharing books with your child encourages healthy language development, helps you bond with your child, and stimulates their rapidly growing minds. It also helps to build a strong foundation for later learning.

What can parents and care givers expect from Story Time?
Our Story Time programs introduce young children to books, rhymes, and other fun activities. Each week the Lamar Public Library will offer programs matched to the typical attention spans and developmental levels of the different ages of children. Library Story Times will incorporate the early literacy skills that children must master before they can learn to read. These are:
• phonological awareness
• vocabulary
• print motivation
• narrative skills
• print awareness
• letter knowledge.
How can a parent or care giver make the most of Story Time?
• By coming to Story Time on a regular basis.
• By arriving a few minutes early.
• By paying attention to the stories and activities throughout Story Time.
• By participating when encouraged to do so.
• By letting each child choose books and by checking them out to share at home.
• By taking an upset child out of the program area until he or she calms down.
• By talking with your child about the stories after Story Time.
• By repeating the Story Time rhymes and songs at home with your child.
By taking home and practicing the “weekly skill”.

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